Hapito Shielding Spray Silvery Nanos (60 days shield against Bacteria & Virus)

  • India's first Silvery nano technology Spray
  • Creates Bio Nano film of 10 microns - Super Hydrofobic & Super Lipofobic
  • Protects and shields from Bacteria & Virus*
  • Lasts upto 60days* depend on usuage & firction on the surface
  • Not advisable to spray on glass surfaces

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India's first shielding spray with silvery nano technology. It creates nano film which is Super Hydrofobic and Super Liporobic and lasts upto 60 days. It protect and shields from Bacteria and virus. It is meant for multipurpose use like Rubber & Plastic accessories, Elevators & ATM keypads, Cars and Bikes, AC outside Vents, Industrial objects, Medical equipments, Ceramic Openings, tops and Taps, Furniture & switches, Computers & accessories.